1/6-scale I.D., papers, booklets, and personal effects, for your German soldier's pockets or haversack--or just tuck 'em into their jackets.

These facsimiles have NOT been scanned in from some World War II collectibles book; each one has been photographed or scanned

The last word in high-quality, miniature reproductions. Perfect for high-end collectors of figures by Dragon, Bluebox, Gearbox, Ultimate Soldier, Drastic Plastic, and Elite Brigade. Diorama enthusiasts and serious 1/6 modelers shouldn't miss out on these custom, homemade accessories that are TOTALLY UNIQUE!!

Featuring the German soldier’s I.D. known as a SOLDBUCH:
An 8-PAGE OPENABLE booklet, with photo and service records.

Each piece has been painstakingly retouched to restore it to its original quality.

The resolution is so high that text becomes TOO SMALL TO READ BEFORE IT BECOMES TOO PIXILLATED!

Featuring booklets, magazines, newspapers, postcards, and even cigarettes specific to the African theatre of operations.

NOTE: These items have been created for the hobbyist's entertainment purposes.
In no way are they meant to endorse or approve activities associated with the actual subject matter.
You can also order sets of Signal magazines for your German troops...

and a wide variety of American pulps and comic books for GIs (click on Superman image) .

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