Paul & Anina at San Diego Comic-Con 2009

Left: Coolest piece of San Diego real estate.

Right: Real estate on the convention floor is now maxed out-- booths are going second-story!

We don't know what's up with the giant furball.

Paul's Chronos character from DC comics gets the temp-tat treatment.

Our next apearance is STEAMCON in Seattle, Paul is the Guest of Honor.
Hollywood Party! Nobody sleeps tonight!

Anina dazzles the dozens of celebrities at the United Talent Agency party.

Paul pimps it up with his agents Bernadette and Gretchen.

Anina dances into the night, and pays for it the next day with an injured knee. She spent the rest of the con on crutches.

Meanwhile, Paul spotted Zach Quinto (the new Spock) and, with Anina's encouragement, went over to talk to him about his hat.

Paul walked up with his hand out saying "I want to congratulate you," Zach looked wary as he shook the hand, but Paul continued, "...on your efforts to bring back the hat." Zach laughed, introduced himself, and conversed for a while. When Zach asked about Paul's work, Paul told him about his robot. Now Zach is Boilerplate's most famous fan!

Shad gets sloppy seconds.

Zander Cannon, Paul Guinan, Anina Bennett, Larry Marder, Stuart Moore, Heidi MacDonald, Peter Gross, Steve Leialoha.

The Sunday
dinner at

Mimi Cruz, Batton Lash, Anina, Tim Bradstreet.

Above: Ben McCool.
Left: Bob Chapman, and Denis Kitchen.

The legendary Mike Royer!

Orion of the
Mike was Jack "King" Kirby's best inker (sorry, Joe Sinnott) during Jack's greatest period--his Fourth World epic (sorry, Fantastic Four).

Bob "Flaming Carrot, Mystery Men" Burden is a fan of Boilerplate, of course!

Anina with Jill Thompson at the Comic-Con 40th Anniversary Party. Yes, they get confused for each other on occasion.

Paul has known Bob Schreck for over twenty years!

Paul marvels over Craig Yoe's published find of porn by Joe Shuster, co-creator of Superman.

Paul & Anina at the 2004 con
Paul & Anina at the 2005 con
Paul & Anina at the 2006 con
Paul & Anina at the 2008 con
Paul & Anina at the 2009 con

Anina with an unsung hero of the Comic-Con:

Clydene is the tireless organizer of Artist Alley. She keeps saying she'll give it up one year, which would be a great loss to the show.