San Diego Comic-Con
July 24-27, 2008

This was the first year in decades that we attended the world’s biggest comic (and movie and gaming and collectibles) con without a booth or table. We went as... TOURISTS!

And we had a great time! We even snuck out to see the new Batman movie on Saturday afternoon.

Left and above: Anina was asked to model for a painting demonstration by legendary Nexus artist Steve Rude.

Below left: Paul poses with a cousin of Boilerplate.

Below: Lea Hernandez, Heidi MacDonald, and Anina on the main floor.

Below: Our Sunday night ritual (approximately TWENTY years old) of fancy feasting at Cafe Sevilla. This year’s lineup included Heidi MacDonald, Trish Mulvihill, Deni Loubert, Shannon Wheeler, Steve Lieber, Larry Marder, Peter Kuper, Todd Klein, Steve Leialoha, Indigo Kelleigh, Tony Lee, and a host of others, arrayed around a long banquet table.

At the legendary "Dead Dog" party on Sunday.

Left: The party's host, Bob Chapman, with Steve Leialoha.
Below: Vertigo's Bob Schreck mugs with Anina.

Above: Paul snapped this shot of Heidi snapping a shot of Dark Horse editor Diana Schutz, who had just smooshed her own face in Dave Stevens’ posthumous birthday cake.

Paul & Anina at the 2004 con Paul & Anina at the 2005 con
Paul & Anina at the 2006 con Paul & Anina at the 2009 con