Once again, this year's event was significantly larger and louder than the last, with total attendance estimates as high as 150,000! It is now an entertainment convention. More space was devoted to movie studios, video games, and toys than to comics. Our hometown weekly paper wrote about this turn towards Hollywood (and mentioned us).

We were presenters at the Eisner Awards ceremony, and our book was nominated. Here are some snapshots of the event.

Above: Paul with his favorite robot, Robbie, from the film Forbidden Planet.

Below: Anina buys a gift for her "Browncoat" brother, Nick, at the Firefly booth. One of our few purchases at the show.

Left: the main hall is about the size of three whole football fields, with over fifty aisles of "stuff."
That doesn't include the second level, which houses panels, presentations, celebrity appearances, and hundreds of other convention events. Add another three football fields for that!)

Below: A full-scale section of doomed roller coaster, and a giant snake head attached to an airplane fuselage. This Hollywood section of the hall has been christened the "theme park."

Inset: Anina at our Big Red Hair table in Artists' Alley. Our new banner could be spotted at a hundred yards!

Our Sunday night ritual included fancy feasting at Cafe Sevilla with Heidi MacDonald. This year's guests were Kyle Baker, Steve Leialoha, Leonard Wong, and Chris Wozniak. Heidi's official photo:

At the legendary "Dead Dog" party after dinner on Sunday.
Above: Paul with the whole Matt Fraction.
Right: Anina with fellow Bowie fan Shelley Bond.

Shout-outs to Mike Carlin, the Big Time Attic boys, and Patty Jeres. And special thanks to Bob!
How many Denis Kitchen Dead Dog 2006 buttons were handed out...?

Paul & Anina at the 2004 con Paul & Anina at the 2005 con
Paul & Anina at the 2008 con Paul & Anina at the 2009 con