Anina & Paul at the
JULY 2005

We had an exhilarating and exhausting time at the annual event. This year is the fifth anniversary of Boilerplate, who co-stars in our latest graphic novel—a big hit at our booth. Once again we gorged on fine fare at Panevino and Cafe Sevilla. Here's a gallery of snapshots.

Left: Alanna, from the supernatural law firm of Wolff & Byrd, contemplates a lawsuit over the use of her image by Paul. Above: Li'l Wonder Woman enjoyed Paul's Lynda Carter pinup.

The Sci Fi Channel gets the prize for most elaborate booth.

Anina chats with Jill Thompson in the background, while in the foreground Kieron Dwyer and Brian Azzarello tell their versions of the classic joke "The Aristocrats".

Matt Hollingsworth shows his pick-up technique: wear a condom around your neck with documents proclaiming you're STD-free, then show your nipple. Works every time.

Matt's antics bring out the paparazzi. This moment covered by a Nikon 35mm film camera, Paul's Canon 7MP digital camera, and two cell phone cameras.

Below: After the con closes on Sunday, it's a race to pack up the floor and booth displays so that we can all go to the "Dead Dog" party.

Above: Chewie made entirely of Legos.
Below: Enjoy your bondage!

Sunday night at
Cafe Sevilla

Our annual tradition in which we wind down and get the lowdown on the show from our best con-pal Heidi MacDonald, seen below with Anina. Right: Paul with Peter Kuper outside Sevilla, under the giant conquistador.

After dinner it's off to Bob Chapman's "Dead Dog" party, where we hobnob with the staggering survivors of the show.

Above: Anina shows off this year's exclusive party button made by Denis Kitchen, who's standing next to her. Right: Paul with Zander Cannon.


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