At left, our hero visits Arkham decades before the arrival of the Joker. At right, our hero gets a lift from a certain couple on a very important evening.

Chronos is a monthly comic book that I co-created and pencilled.

I also designed the character, costume, and logo.

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Metropolis as it was in 1871.

At right is an unpublished cover, drawn in the style of Nick Cardy. The premise was that Chronos, having stolen equipment from various heroes of the DC universe, found himself pursued by them. I got to pick who was giving chase, as well as what items Chronos had taken. Since I'd already drawn the four Silver-Age JLA members shown at the top of this page, I chose my remaining favorites for this.
DC Comics' time traveler
What kind of music does Chronos listen to?
What kind of music did the artist listen to while drawing the book?
What kind of music should be listened to while reading Chronos?
The Semi-Official Chronos Soundtrack

Chronos was NOT cancelled!
Why is it not being published anymore?
Read the little-known behind the scenes account of this comic book's demise.
Here is an interview conducted when the book was first launched.
The folks that brought you Chronos. Left to right: Steve Leialoha, John Francis Moore, Paul Guinan.
An unpublished Chronos illo can be found at Walt Parrish's "Cliff Drawings" site.
Chronos' base of operations is a city that exists outside of time and space.
Visions of Chronopolis
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