& gallery exhibition!
The day Boilerplate: History's Mechanical Marvel is officially released in stores. That evening the authors and their friends celebrate at the ArtBar, where a Boilerplate art show is on display.

Bernadette and Gretchen of BakersMark Literary Agency, Boilerplate, and the robot's biographers.

David Walker, Sarah & Jonathan Case.

C.K. Lichenstein deadpans and gets the proper response from Nat & Katie Weinham.

Steve Lieber misses the point Jim Valentino makes, while Shannon Stewart breaks the 3rd wall.

Boilerplate paintings (pigment on canvas--not digital)
hang on the wall in the background.

Above: the comely Carol Main.
Right: Robbyn and David Hahn with Rich Powers.

Christina Blue Crow gives the stink eye to Andy Johnson of Cosmic Monkey Comics.

Liz Argall, Sara Ryan, Colleen Coover, and Paul Tobin ratchet up the cool quotient at the party.

Courtney Lynn Langley rubs James Sinclair's tummy for good luck.
Thanks to all who attended!
Special thanks to those who attended BOTH Boilerplate events -- this night and the reading/performance/slideshow/signing the next night at Powell's City of Books.

Paul & Anina's Performance at Powell's

Paul's Art Exhibit at Powell's
Boilerplate Website

Paul's Other Gallery Show

Paul's other other art exhibits

Paul's publicly displayed painting with Boilerplate secretly inserted!

The legendary David Scroggy.