For more than a decade, FocalPoint has been keeping ahead of the curve of rapid changes in direct marketing and communications. Through a combination of traditional methods and emerging technologies, we offer our clients an ever-expanding wealth of resources and services: multimedia direct-response marketing, graphic design, response/fulfillment, data management, and more. FocalPoint’s goal is to help clients reach their target audiences as quickly and directly as possible.

FocalPoint has clients of all sizes and in all sectors, from government agencies and nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies and local entrepreneurs. We work closely with each client to understand their goals, then develop and implement tailor-made strategies to achieve those goals. We can also provide comprehensive analysis and recommendations for the next phase or program, as part of a cyclical process that generates continued increases in response rates.

FocalPoint accommodates the client in whatever capacity needed, at any point in the process. Let’s walk through it from the beginning.

Project Review

      The first step is the most important: getting to know our client. We review your goals, your product or service, and your company, asking targeted and pertinent questions. We explain our services and how we can help meet your goals.

Our focus is on how best to fulfill your needs. You may want to generate qualified leads, or capture and fulfill “live” orders. You may seek to educate a constituency or change an image. We’ll explore your range of options: targeted list acquisition, database improvements, creative approach, media mix (including e-commerce), printing or laser imaging, mailing, response fulfillment, and other appropriate services. Feel free to ask us any questions, and we’ll guide you through the myriad resources at our fingertips. FocalPoint is unique in that we have all the people and equipment needed for almost any project together under one roof.

Our experienced account executives will quickly be able to define your needs and offer project-specific, proven solutions. You’ll get solid advice as well as innovative strategies from seasoned professionals.


Strategy Building

      Based on the project review, FocalPoint will propose a strategy, or plan of attack. By listening to your needs and matching them with our integrated services, we can devise the best strategy for your purposes. The plan may consist of direct mail only, or could involve other elements such as print ads, web sites, or multisource response management and fulfillment.

Many clients come to us with some strategy already developed or in progress. By working closely with them, we can augment their efforts based on our expertise and experience with similar programs. We frequently offer suggestions that enhance the overall strategy and maximize project response, service levels, and return on investment.

Our sales team has the experience to develop comprehensive plans from the ground up. We can provide turnkey programs or project-by-project assistance. FocalPoint strives to give you exceptional service and support at every step in the working relationship.


Media and Methods

      Communications media are the nuts and bolts of your strategy. FocalPoint can employ many different methods or vehicles to deliver your message, capture your responses, and fulfill the next communications cycle with your audience.

Traditional direct mail has been a major factor in our clients’ success. We can create any size mailing, and every conceivable kind of mail piece. From simple postcards to custom packaging with numerous pieces, we have the resources to get the job done right. Our high-speed equipment maximizes efficiency on each project. Our skilled production personnel have decades of experience and are a key asset in delivering fast, accurate service.

Recognizing that web-based marketing and fulfillment are now central to many organizations, FocalPoint is prepared to make your presence on the web pay big dividends. We can take you from web site development (working with our business partners) through e-commerce transaction processing and response management, then on to inquiry and order fulfillment. We have the technology to make the web work for you to its full potential, and take the headache out of a sometimes complicated medium.

If you need telemarketing or broadcast fax-based solutions, we can provide those as well. Although greater obstacles exist with these media than in the past, they can still be a rewarding facet of an overall direct marketing effort when appropriately used.

FocalPoint also provides a full line of response-management and fulfillment services. Direct mail, e-commerce, telephone, broadcast media—our fulfillment specialists have seen it all. Responses may come from a wide variety of media. We enjoy simplifying what can be an involved process, and providing our clients with valuable information for their ongoing projects.

List Acquisition and Database Management

      To focus your efforts on the right target audience, you’ll need a streamlined database for optimum results. The success of a direct marketing program depends heavily on three factors:

·       the contents and organization of the target list;

·       the quality of the communications, or piece(s), delivered to the target; and

·       the message or offer being extended.

For clients who want help acquiring a mailing list or database, FocalPoint has access to any and all lists you may need. We know where to find them, and we know which are the most cost-effective for different strategies. For the simplest or the most complex job, we’ll provide you with the right list at the right time.

Some clients have their own databases or mailing lists. FocalPoint can enhance your existing list(s) by attaching more information; updating and processing to eliminate waste and ensure low courier/postage costs; and ongoing merges, adds, changes, and deletions.

Our information services department works hard to ensure accuracy and effective management for all client lists and databases. This is a crucial aspect of any direct marketing effort, for initial success as well as continued understanding of segment response rates, buying habits, and demographic indicators.


      To generate responses from your audience, you need to do two things: evoke an emotion or hit a nerve, and make it easy for people to respond. One stumbling block is that too many people nowadays are deluged with marketing information in all media. To achieve the highest response rate, your communications must stand out from the crowd as well as make a lasting impression—which means you need imaginative, professional design and production.

FocalPoint offers high-quality, award-winning creative services for any project. Our network of experts can handle web site design, print ads, packaging, direct mail design, or anything else you throw at us. Good design should be as carefully targeted as a good mailing list—it requires forethought and an understanding of your audience, and aims to convey your message in a consistent yet attention-getting way. On top of that, stringent postal requirements must be taken into account.

We’ll gladly provide design and production services for your project, or just make suggestions for jobs in progress. Many of our clients already work with designers, agencies, or in-house design departments. We can work directly with them or through the client, as appropriate. In any case, involving FocalPoint early on can help you avoid potentially costly missteps.


Printing and Personalized Imaging

      Once the creative work is completed and approved, we move on to print. FocalPoint offers full-service, one- through six-color printing, both sheet-fed and web; bindery, embossing, and letterpress; plus custom envelopes and packaging.

Based on your project’s parameters, our team will provide high-quality printing and oversee production for you. We take care of quality control as well as postal requirements and delivery. For everything from a standard 8.5” x 11” form letter to a complex package with multiple parts, FocalPoint can produce superior results even under tight deadlines.

If your project is already designed and print-ready, we can accept your artwork on Zip or Jaz disk, on CD, or via e-mail. We’ll output film from your files, ensuring that the negatives will meet the requirements of our printing department.

FocalPoint also offers personalized laser imaging of virtually any quantity and in various sizes. Our state-of-the-art technology gives you more power to communicate with individual people in your audience, which helps your message get noticed.


Mailing and Execution

      After a job gets printed, the next step is to prep it for delivery. Whether you need mail pieces to go to thousands or millions of recipients, or you need special kits or boxed assemblies delivered by courier, FocalPoint can make it happen for you.

We take great pride in our direct mail services and high-volume, courier-based package production. Our facility has been streamlined for maximum efficiency. Step inside and you’ll quickly see why our company is an established leader in the industry. FocalPoint continues to perform highly demanding, vote-by-mail balloting for numerous counties in Oregon and Washington, and was named Mailer of The Year by the Postal Customer Council.

Delivery processing begins when all other parts of the program are complete. Our information services department provides lists and the print group provides finished items to our production department, all prepared for quick, accurate handling to make sure deadlines are met. We’ve developed methods for performing large volumes of processing, even for complex, segmented programs with multiple kits and staggered drop dates. Our approach saves time and dollars while keeping your programs on track.


Response Management and Fulfillment

      So the project is in the mail, out on the web or in print. Or maybe you’re promoting through broadcast, outdoor, or other media. How do you handle inquiries, orders, and reporting? How do you “triage” the types of responders and inquiries received? FocalPoint can do it all, and we’ll build this phase into your strategy from the start.

We capture responses and fulfill requests for literature, products, and follow-up contact for many of our clients. We can quickly send out personalized letters, with literature tailored to the needs of each respondent. We pick, pack, and ship software, rebates, literature, licenses, and other products to your customers.

Depending on your needs, FocalPoint can capture, categorize, and route respondent information to your divisions or distribution partners, with or without providing direct fulfillment. Our reporting capabilities give each client a full, detailed picture of inquiry and/or order fulfillment activity.


Data Management and Analysis

      When different communications media are used in synergy, they can greatly increase response rates from the right people—people who take action. But in order to know if your program is hitting its target, you need to track and analyze those responses. This is where the ongoing management of information comes into play.

For each medium, there are different ways to capture and determine response rates. No matter how your campaign generates direct response—via 800 phone number, mail, fax, web site database, or e-mail—the results are quantifiable. By including profiling questions in your material from the beginning, FocalPoint can help you gather and understand important demographic data about your respondents.

Accurate data analysis is critical in assessing your results, planning follow-up programs, and determining the return on your investment. FocalPoint sifts through complex information on everything from seasonal trends to market conditions to your offer itself, distilling it all into useful facts for you. Then we put those facts to work as we help shape your next campaign!