Pic 1-4                   Establishing shot (slight down-angle) of Mickey’s house and front yard. It’s late afternoon and sunny, but a few puddles of water are seen throughout the story, indicating that it’s rained recently. Goofy has just walked up to visit Mickey, who is leaning despondently on his fence (they’re on opposite sides of the fence). Mickey’s posture and expression contrast sharply with the sunny, cheerful scene around him. Goofy wears his usual outfit; Mickey should be dressed casually in slacks and a sweatshirt or sweater (no hat!).

Goofy:                   Whut’s wrong, Mick? Ya look awful downhearted fer such a fine day!

Mickey:                 Awww... It’s just that today is Minnie’s birthday, and I promised to take her to Chez Swank for dinner.

Pic 5                      Close on Mickey; he looks very irritated now, arms folded across his chest.

Mickey 1:              I don’t mind the fact that Chez Swank is expensive — but everyone there is so darn snooty!

Mickey 2:              Why should I pay extra for their bad attitude? I can get that for free at some places!

Pic 6                      Medium long shot. Goofy is curious and somewhat in awe, never having been to a fancy restaurant. Mickey, always charmed by his friend’s innocence, looks only slightly less irritated as he answers Goofy’s question.

Goofy:                   Sounds mighty fancy! How much does it cost?

Mickey:                 Plenty! I don’t think y’can eat there for less than $200 per person!

Pic 7                      Closeup of both characters. Goofy is genuinely shocked! Mickey perks up, looking as if he’s just had a brilliant idea. (Smaller panel on line.)

Goofy:                   Gawrsh! For that kinda money, ya should be able t’buy the whole restaurant!

Mickey:                 Yeah, I...  Say!

Pic 8                      Long shot. Mickey has dashed out the front gate, grabbed Goofy’s arm, and started running down the sidewalk. He looks excited now. Goofy scrambles to follow his pal, using his free hand to hold his hat onto his head. (Larger panel on line.)

Mickey:                 You’ve given me a doozy of an idea, Goofy — c’mon, I’ll need your help!


Pic 1-2                   Night. Establishing shot: Mickey and Minnie walk down a city sidewalk on their way to Chez Swank. They’re dressed appropriately for an expensive restaurant, perhaps even wearing elegant versions of their original costumes — Mickey in red slacks (instead of his old shorts) with gold buttons, white shirt, bowtie, black jacket; Minnie in a short evening gown with a ruffled, polka-dotted skirt. Across and down the street is a public park, where a small traveling carnival has set up (ferris wheel, roller coaster, etc.). There are plenty of pedestrians and cars, but Mickey and Minnie happen to be the only people on this part of the sidewalk. They are nearing a dark alley that intersects the sidewalk (perhaps a few garbage cans are seen). Minnie is joyful; Mickey, still somewhat irritable.

Color                     Night. Mickey wears red pants with gold buttons.

Box:                       That evening —

Minnie:                  Oh, Mickey, Chez Swank — just think of it! What an elegant meal we shall have!

Mickey:                 Well, I still say that for the prices they charge, they could at least treat ya like a human being!

Sign 1 (carnival):  UNCLE FLOYD’S CARNIVAL

Sign 2 (carnival):  FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Pic 3                      Medium closeup. Minnie stops at the mouth of the alley, turning to shake her finger disapprovingly at Mickey. Mickey looks surprised and a bit abashed. The vague outline of a shadowy figure is seen in the alley behind them. (Smaller panel on line.)

Minnie:                  If that’s how you feel, you might as well go home right now! You’ll ruin the whole evening with an attitude like that!

Mickey:                 B- but, Minnie, I —

Pic 4                      Long shot, slight down-angle. The shadowy figure steps out into the light; he looks very much like Goofy in disguise (he isn’t, as we’ll find out later). We never get a clear look at his face, which should be obscured by a mask, scarf, and/or shadows. He’s apparently holding a gun in his pocket, aimed at Mickey and Minnie. The mice react in surprise; Mickey looks indignant. (For the rest of this scene, Mickey thinks the mugger is Goofy and tries his best to act scared, perhaps overdoing it a bit. Minnie is frightened at first, then suspicious as she notices the mugger’s resemblance to Goofy.) (Larger panel on line.)

Mugger:                I’d be pleased ta settle this argument fer you folks...

Mickey:                 We can settle it ourselves, thanks!

Pic 5/7                  Medium long shot. The mugger leans menacingly towards Mickey and Minnie, towering over their tiny figures. Emphasize the difference in size; this should be a scary panel! Minnie’s beginning to suspect that she is being tricked.

Mugger 1:             Oh, but I insist.

Mugger 2:             Just hand over yer wallet, buddy... and ya won’t have ta worry about buyin’ no pricey dinner!

Minnie (thinks):    Hmm... There’s something fishy going on here!

Pic 6                      Medium shot. Minnie, now thinking that she’s been set up by Mickey and Goofy, steps angrily in front of Mickey to confront the mugger.

Minnie:                  Oh, and I suppose that if we don’t hand it over, you’ll just shoot us right here?

Pic 8                      Medium closeup. Mugger has pulled his hand out of his pocket, and for the first time we see that he’s holding a real gun! He points it right in Minnie’s face as she reacts with fright. Mickey, in background, is taking out his wallet.

Mugger:                That’s the idea, sister!


PAGE 3                                                                                                               

Pic 1                      Medium shot, up-angle. Minnie, still scared, backs away from mugger with her hands up. Mickey, trying to appear gallant but threatened, holds out his wallet. Reverse angle so that we see the street behind them instead of the alley; there’s a crowd of people entering and leaving the carnival, but otherwise not much traffic.

Mickey:                 Here, mister — it’s all yours. J- just don’t hurt the lady, please!

Pic 2                      Mugger grabs wallet from Mickey’s hand and runs towards carnival.

Mugger:                Thanks, pal. You’re all heart!

Sign 1 (carnival):  UNCLE FLOYD’S CARNIVAL

Sign 2 (carnival):  FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Sound (mugger/wallet):   SWIPE!

Pic 3                      Mickey takes off after the mugger, looking back over his shoulder at Minnie. Minnie (in foreground) is indignant, hands on hips. In background, mugger runs into carnival. (Larger panel on line.)

Mickey:                 Meet me at Chez Swank, Minnie. I’ll get that wallet back if it’s the last thing I do!

Minnie:                  If you think you’re leaving me out of the action this time, think again!

Sign 1 (carnival):  UNCLE FLOYD’S CARNIVAL

Sign 2 (carnival):  FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!

Pic 4                      Close on Mickey as he runs into the carnival, trying to simultaneously keep an eye on Minnie (behind him) and the mugger (ahead of him). He looks mildly worried. Carnival should be more brightly lit than the street. (Smaller panel on line.)

Color                     Brightly lit carnival.

Mickey 1 (thinks):      Criminy! It figures she’d follow me!

Mickey 2 (thinks):      Now Goofy and I really haveta make this chase look convincing!

Pic 5                      Extreme long shot, down-angle. Mickey spies the mugger climbing over an unmarked fence (we can’t quite see what’s behind it). Minnie’s still following Mickey. Show as much of the busy carnival as you can: rides, amusements, games of luck & skill, etc. (Larger panel on line.)

Mickey (thinks):   There he goes now — and Minnie’ll never follow us over the fence in that fancy new dress of hers! Smart thinkin’, old pal!

Pic 6                      Medium shot of Mickey clambering over the fence as a puzzled expression passes across his face. (Smaller panel on line.)

Mickey 1 (thinks):      Seems a little too smart for Goofy, in fact!

Mickey 2 (thinks):      Oh, well. Guess he just got...

Pic 7-8                   Long shot. Mickey has jumped down from the fence, only to find himself in a bumper-car arena! Dozens and dozens of hyperactive-looking kids are bearing down on him at full throttle (bumper cars don’t move all that fast, so this should look comically threatening), gleefully preparing to smash into him, each other, and anything else in sight! Big surprise reaction from Mickey. (Note: Bumper cars are usually small, rounded “cars” just large enough for two people. Each car is powered by an insulated electric pole attached to the back; bare metal at the top of each pole touches an electric power-grid in the arena’s ceiling.)

Mickey (small):      ...l- lucky?!

Sound:                   VVVVRRRRRRMMMMMMMM!!!


PAGE 4                                                                                                               

Pic 1                      Minnie stands in front of the entrance to the bumper-car arena, watching as Mickey clings desperately to one car’s electric pole (we don’t need to see the power-grid, just the pole). She’s amused, but trying not to show it. On the ground near her is a mud puddle. We should see at least a few of the bumper cars and the line of people waiting to get in (mostly kids, with a few weary parents).

Color                     Brightly lit carnival.

Minnie:                  Mickey Mouse! You come down from there before you hurt one of those children, do you hear me?!

Sign 1 (entrance):      SMASH-’EM CRASH-’EM

Sign 2 (entrance):      BUMPER CARS!!

Pic 2                      Down-angle or overhead shot. Mickey leaps from pole to pole, trying to work his way out of the arena. The kids are all driving like maniacs; any adults in the cars are terrified. Poles sway and spark in Mickey’s wake, adding to the general chaos. The pole he’s grabbed is bending dangerously low, and has lost contact with the power-grid (the driver looks very annoyed, if we can see her/him). Another bumper car is about to ram the stalled car from behind.

Mickey:                 I’ll be right there, Minnie. Just as soon as I catch that...

Pic 3-4                   The pole suddenly snaps back into position as its car is rear-ended, sending Mickey flying through the air towards a worried Minnie! Onlookers stare and point in Mickey’s direction.

Mickey:                 ...croooooooooook!!

(long, trailing balloon)

Sound (cars):        CRASH!

Pic 5                      Mickey lands comically in a mud puddle next to Minnie, splashing dirty water on her dress.

Mickey:                 Ooof!

Sound:                   SPLOOSH!

Pic 6                      Long shot. Mickey, looking genuinely despondent, walks Minnie home. She tries to cheer him up, thinking he’s upset about the mugger. (He’s actually mad at himself for ruining Minnie’s dress, which wasn’t part of the plan.) Both are still a bit muddy and bedraggled, but not too shabby-looking.

Box:                       Shortly —

Mickey:                 Shucks, Minnie... I’m awful sorry I ruined your dress!

Minnie:                  Oh, don’t worry about it. I’m just glad you’re safe and sound

Pic 7                      Medium closeup. As they enter Minnie’s front gate, she turns and wags her finger at Mickey affectionately. He looks a bit guilty. (Larger panel on line.)

Minnie 1:               I’m so proud of you for chasing after that mugger!

Minnie 2:               To tell you the truth, at first I thought you and Goofy had cooked up some scheme to keep us from going to Chez Swank.

Pic 8                      They’re on the porch; close on Mickey as he reaches to open the front door. He looks mischievous, excited by the surprise he’s about to spring. (Smaller panel on line; could be an inset panel if you like.)

Mickey:                 Well, to tell you the truth...


PAGE 5                                                                                                      

Pic 1                      Mickey beams proudly as he throws open the door to reveal a romantically lit, lavishly set dinner for two! In background, Mickey and Minnie are framed in the doorway as they look in on this dazzling sight. Minnie is happily surprised. Goofy stands near the table in foreground, acting as waiter; he wears his usual clothes, plus a white napkin folded over one arm, and a bowtie. Give him some other waiter’s accessories if you want. (Larger panel on line.)

Mickey:                 ...we did!

Goofy:                   Happy birthday, Minnie!!

Pic 2                      Medium shot. Now inside the room, Minnie clasps her hands in joy. Mickey jovially slaps Goofy’s back. (Smaller panel on line.)

Minnie:                  Oh, Mickey, what a wonderful surprise!

Mickey:                 We sure had her going with that holdup routine, huh, pal?

Pic 3                      Mickey slaps his knee and laughs. Goofy looks perplexed. Minnie’s so happy, she doesn’t even care that she’s been duped.

Mickey:                 I never knew you were such a good actor, Goofy! And where’d you get that gun?! Hoo-haw!

Goofy:                   ...Holdup...??

Pic 4                      Close on Goofy as he starts to understand what Mickey’s talking about.

Goofy:                   Omigawrsh! I knew there wuz somethin’ I fergot ta do today!!

Pic 5                      Close on Mickey as he starts to realize what Goofy’s talking about.

Mickey:                 Y- you mean... that mugger was for real?!

Pic 6                      Long shot. Mickey runs out the front door, a determined look on his face; an equally determined Minnie holds him back by grabbing onto his belt.

Mickey:                 Of all the nerve! I’m gonna find that guy if —

Minnie:                  Oh, no, you don’t!

Pic 7                      Medium closeup. Minnie has dragged Mickey back inside. He still looks mad, but is calming down as she speaks.

Minnie 1:               He’s long gone by now, Mickey, along with your wallet! And it serves you right!

Minnie 2:               Besides, you’ve gone to a lot of trouble for this dinner!

Pic 8-9                   Mickey and Minnie are seated at the table, with Goofy standing by in the background. Everything should look romantic and charmingly home-made. Minnie and Mickey raise their glasses to toast each other. Minnie’s response is sarcastic but affectionate.

Mickey:                 Here’s to the most expensive home-cooked meal a guy ever had!

Minnie:                  You say the most romantic things, dear!

Pic 10                    If there’s room, end on a heart-shaped inset panel (closeup) of Minnie kissing Mickey’s cheek as he grins and blushes.

Minnie:                  My hero!