"To search and recover that which is missing." -- W.C.C.

1972. The World Securities Corporation is a transnational firm insuring and protecting various treasures and institutions. They are also hired by governments and private citizens alike to track down everything from caches of diamonds to nuclear weapons.
The most difficult and sensitive assignments fall to the W.C.C.'s supersecret branch: Programmed Retrieval Operations, referred to as "Probe." The agents of Probe rival those of the CIA or MI-5, and are equipped with unique devices that even real-life 21st-century spooks would envy.

Each field agent is outfitted with a miniature scanner disguised as a piece of jewelry, which can be magnetically attached to special cufflinks, tieclips, or pendants. This device continuously monitors the agent's progress, transmitting audio, video, and phyiscal telemetry to Probe Control. A team of specialists at Probe Control analyze the data, consult databases worldwide, and immediately provide information covertly to the field agent via a subcutaneous earpiece. The agent can respond to Probe Control either audibly or by tapping out code with a dental implant.

Probe Field Agents
Hugh Lockwood
Probe One - Lead Operative
Nick Bianco
Head of Omega division, which specializes
in organized-crime cases.
C.R. Grover
Standby Probe - emergency backup agent.

Probe Control Agents
V.C.R. Cameron
Probe Control Director
Gloria Harding
Senior Technician
Albert Griffin
Linguist and Code-breaker
Amy Murdock
Medical Doctor
Ginny Keach
Data Specialist

The series saw its share of merchandising, including a set of View-Master reels.
Search aired Wednesday nights on NBC at 10 pm ET, from September 1972 to August 1973.
It ran for 23 episodes, not including the two-hour pilot film originally titled Probe.
Created by Leslie Stevens (Outer Limits), and produced by Robert Justman (Star Trek).

Hugh O'Brian as Hugh Lockwood
Tony Franciosa as Nick Bianco
Doug McClure as C.R. Grover
Burgess Meredith as V.C.R. Cameron
Angel Tompkins as Gloria Harding

Above right: Hugh O'Brian as Hugh Lockwood.
Angel Tompkins played Gloria Harding.
The senior technician at Probe had a personal relationship with Hugh Lockwood--and would make witty, if not catty, remarks in his earpiece during encounters with beautiful women.
Below: Burgess Meredith as V.C.R. Cameron.

THE web site dealing with this obscure 1970s TV-series is ProbeControl.com. A wonderful resource with tons of text, images, video, and audio clips. The folks who run this site have left no stone unturned. If they don't know the answers to your Search-related questions, no one does!
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Another favorite show was The Rat Patrol.

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