During Portland's citywide First Thursday gallery gala for June, Paul held a one-man exhibition of works in a variety of media--from paintings on canvas, to traditional photography, to ink drawings. Also on display was the digital art that Paul calls "paintography," and even some homemade toys.
Not quite a retrospective, but certainly the most comprehensive show Paul has ever mounted.
Exhibition of work - June 2008
Sequential Art Gallery + Studio

Preview Night - The day before the big opening.
Opening night, June 5.
68 pieces, 46 of which were previously unseen.

periscope posse



periscope posse



Above: Just one of many reasons the Portland comics scene is so cool: Creators from practically opposite ends of the comic book spectrum hang out together. Matthew Clark is a DC Comics fan-fave artist on books such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc. Shannon Wheeler is the creator of the legendary Too Much Coffee Man, which was recently turned into an opera.
Being a genre-hopping multimedia man, Paul is pals with both of them, natch.
Left: Gallery owner Kaebel Hashitani and Conch, co-host of "Words and Pictures" on KBOO-FM

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