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"STUNNING! A brilliant innovation in graphic storytelling."--Alex Ross

"This is the future of comics--I'm blown away!" --Steve Rude

When the Heartbreakers find and reassemble the long-lost 19th-century robot known as Boilerplate, their android, Femiquin 44, falls for the big lug. The mechanical man also attracts attention from rogue researchers who set their sights on dismantling him to exploit the valuable technology hidden inside.

Meanwhile, radical change is afoot: clones have finally won partial human rights and are no longer treated as property. Now the race is on to develop androids that can serve as the new slave workers. But if a droid walks, talks, and thinks like a human...
is it more than just a machine?

"It’s seldom I get to read a graphic novel that so cheerily and expertly combines heart, smart, and boldness. Bennett/Guinan have brought forth a lovely Oz-creature of the qualities sought in the Emerald City." -- Harlan Ellison

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"Authentic looking vintage photographs and articles tell the history of the robot, but it’s the unusual look of the present-day comic story that uses a combination of photography, drawing and painting called Paintography to create a look that can be best described as resembling Richard Linklater’s films."

"A stunning visual style.
The images are full of grace and realism."

Here's the latest newspaper review of Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate, and here's a newspaper interview. Here's Paul and Anina interviewed by NEWSARAMA. The official press release posted just prior to the books publication. Join a disscussion at SEQUENTIAL TART. >WHEW<

A series of articles from our hometown paper
Willamette Week.

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