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 M E R C H     B O O K S  

Heartbreakers icon T-shirt

"Club Squad" T-shirt
Classic tee shape. Red logo on black Hanes Beefy cotton shirt.

Heartbreakers two-in-one paper doll
Art by the fabulous Trina Robbins. Full color, 8.5" x 11" cardstock.

Heartbreakers tote bag
Stow your gear in this tough black canvas bag with shoulder-length handles.

Heartbreakers icon
enamel pin

Heartbreakers icon wristwatch
You’ll never be late for a rescue mission again!

Queenie temporary tattoos
No painful needles, plus they wash off! Includes one "Queen of Clubs" tat & one "Queenie" broken-heart tattoo.

Heartbreakers Superdigest

The first Superdigest has more than 100 pages! See Superdigest Samples. A motorcycle chase from the main story is in our Art Gallery.

Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate

The latest and greatest entry in the Heartbreakers saga--a teamup with Boilerplate. Here's some more info and artwork.

Heartbreakers Miniseries
HB #1 - $3.50
Cover by Paul Guinan & Tony Akins. Interior art by Paul. Pinup illos by Ron Randall & Trina Robbins.

HB #2 - $3.50
Cover by Paul Chadwick. Interior art by Paul. Pinups by Alex Ross & Matt Haley.


Superdigest: Year Ten

Chock-full of Heartbreakers fun and just in time for our characters' tenth anniversary! Check the Superdigest Samples and HB homepage for more info and artwork.

Heartbreakers Bust Out!
This is where it all began. The legendary origin episodes that ran in Dark Horse Presents.

Sold out in print--coming soon in digital!

Cover image

HB #3 - $3.50
Cover by Mike Allred. Interior art by Paul & Lenin Delsol. Pinups by Evan Dorkin, Sarah Dyer, Jill Thompson, & Terry LaBan.

HB #4 - $5.00
Cover by Dan Brereton. Interior art by Paul & Lenin. Pinups by Matt Wagner & Tony Akins.


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