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These dolls and action figures were customized by Paul Guinan (with help from Anina) in the 1990s. They're an early example (if not one of the few examples) of comic book icharacter figurines crafted by the comic creators themselves.

Fun fact: All three sizes of Heartbreakers figures are featured in the fumetti-style story "Smalll World" in Heartbreakers Superdigest.

The dolls shown above were from the first batch of twelve, each individually numbered. Three additional artist's proofs were made, two of which are a permanent part of our collection. The remaining dolls from the first batch have all found loving homes.

We made a second series to celebrate the Heartbreakers' tenth anniversary. Ten dolls and ten action figures were made, featuring a maroon/navy blue wardrobe scheme.

The four-foot Queenie doll at right is available on a per-order basis.

Assorted customized Heartbreaker vehicles are also availible to go with the figures.

The Tex Takeda doll, with Queenie.

Sorry, the figures pictured here are not currently for sale.

Want to commission a custom Heartbreakers doll or Boilerplate figure?

Email guinan at bigredhair dot com

Copyright 1998, 2013 Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett