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Part one: THE PORTRAITS Part two: THE PARTY (below)

This year the party got too huge for the house, with OVER 300 PEOPLE! (Do you know how much Soylent Green that is?!) Some things were broken--but luckily, not the toilets.
Last year we had pictures of hot chicks dancing the night away.
This year, in honor of the now banished concept of "equal time," we proudly present a dude gone wild.
Click on above row for larger versions.

Thanks to Peet, Stacy, and Scott for helping with food and beverage.
Shout-outs to Rose, Theresa, & Rich
for assisting with preparations and decorations.
Special appreciation to CK Lichenstein, Dave Walker, Shannon Wheeler, and Andy Mangels for providing security. And triple thanks to the hardy souls who stopped by to help with cleanup on the Day After.

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See you in 2004!