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FRANK READE - Adventures on land, sea, and in the air, circa 1900.
A very rare glimpse of the thrilling world of the famed inventor
can be had with these stunning, full color, 12" x 16" prints, suitable for framing.
$10 per print

Air Adventure
The helicopter airship White Cruiser glides over a tropical forest in search of the Dog-Faced Men.
Land Adventure
The Thunderer, flying the Stars and Stripes, sends Tartars fleeing with its destructive volleys.

Sea Adventure
A frozen grotto is the rendezvous point for Frank Reade's team of explorers and their submarine.
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Each image has been adapted from the engravings used to illustrate Frank Reade Weekly color issues published at the turn of the century. The images have been restored and retouched to an extent that surpasses the quality of the original editions.

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