In an effort to stem the Allied advance, Nazi scientists developed the infamous
Totenkrieger Division.

A unit comprised of the undead. It saw action form the Battle of the Bulge to the fall of Berlin. Their most notorious engagement was in October 1944 in the German city of Aachen.
Sam Fuller, an infantryman with the "Big Red One" described the zombies: "they were the damnest things I ever saw! They could take rounds right in the chest and keep coming. You had to put a bullet in their brain to drop them."

ACHTUNG! These 1/6 scale action figures are available for purchase exclusively through

The detail is EXTRAORDINARY! The faces have a jaundiced complexion with lacerations and abrasions; bloodshot eyes and bloodstained teeth; the clothing has a dirty worn look with mud and blood splatter. Click on any image for larger version.

Fully articulated, you can pose them in a variety of staggered-walk poses. The total effect is IMPRESSIVE.
Add them to your diorama, or pose them on a shelf alongside your other figures by Bluebox, Dragon, Elite Brigade, Ultimate Soldier, etc.
Guaranteed conversation pieces. Click on any image for larger version.


We accept credit cards via

Mailed payment must be in U.S. funds in the form of a money order made out to:
Big Red Hair
P.O. Box 14278, Portland, OR
97293-0278, USA

Figures come with helmet, tunic, trousers, jackboots, belt, Y-harness, and grenade. When ordering please specify which weapon and ammo pouches you want with your figure:

MP40 Schmeiser machine gun
KAR98 rifle.

Additional equipment or specific uniforms availible on request. You are welcome to submit figures, clothing, and accesories which could be credited towards the price of these zombies.

These action figures are customized by hand, so no two are alike. Your zombie will vary from the ones shown in photos. The quality of detail will be totally consistent! Please allow 30--60 days for delivery.

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