Paul and Anina were Special Guests of the convention!
We were honored with a Spotlight Panel, moderated by Shannon Wheeler, and we each received an Inkpot Award.

San Diego Comic-Con
July 21-24, 2011

The con put us up in a large corner room overlooking the bay, in the Marriott next to the convention center. For almost a week, we lived inside this giant ad for the movie Immortals.

Paul & Anina were co-hosts of the Eisner Awards, where we introduced presenters such as Sergio Aragones. We managed to follow the first segment hosts, comedy duo Tom Lennon and Ben Gallant (Reno 911), without embarrassing ourselves.

The awards show lasted almost three hours. Luckily, we got to spend chunks of it hanging out in the green room with the charming actor Lance Henriksen.

Anina and Paul with more charming celebs in the green room: comic book legends Dave Gibbons and Louise & Walter Simonson. Dave is a big Boilerplate fan!
The years-old tradition continues, though the venue has moved: Sunday post-con dinner at

Heidi MacDonald, Trina Robbins, Josh Dysart, & Anina

Anina & fellow Special Guest Peter Kuper

Zander Cannon & Todd Klein
(who won his 16th Eisner this year!)
Anina & Jill Thompson compare shoes at the Eisner Awards. No, we did not coordinate in advance--we just both have great taste.


Left: Apparently, a TV show set in the Jet Age is reason enough to set up an elaborate booth at Comic-Con, complete with a section of fuselage! Paul will probably check out this show anyway, just because Kubrick used Pan Am in the movie 2001.

It's Jake from Adventure Time! >Squee!<

DJs at a Hollywood agency party in the afternoon, out back of the convention center, while exhibitors are working inside the hall.

Anina & our agent Bernadette Baker, Hollywood swingin'!

Paul & Frank Miller at the infamous Dead Dog party.

Paul & Stan Lee at the ICM picnic.

CBLDF Director Charles Brownstein, Paul Pope, & Anina.

Anina & Ben McCool at Tr!ckster, across from the SDCC. Boilerplate has a featured spot in the book display.

We finally snuck in a little poolside time this year. Bonus!

Paul & Anina at the 2004 con
Paul & Anina at the 2005 con
Paul & Anina at the 2006 con
Paul & Anina at the 2009 con