I waffled about whether to bring two cases or three of our newly released Boilerplate book to the Emerald City con. Anina convinced me to take three.

At the end of the two-day show, I had sold out of all copies.

The resposnse to the book kept me at my space in Artists Alley the entire show. I didn't get the chance to roam the hall, so the few snaps I've posted here reflect that limited vantage point.

Seattle, Washington
March 13-14, 2010
Above: Artists Alley neighbor, and Periscope Studio mate, Colleen Coover needs convention staff to direct traffic as a line forms at her table.

Below: Jesse Graff, who played Spock in the legendary production "Trek in the Park," showed me a sketch he got signed by convention guest Leonard Nimoy.

I was so distracted with the Boilerplate book release last fall, I neglected to get an Artists Alley table for this year's show. But thanks to David Hahn (right), who was very generous in sharing his table AND his hotel room, I was able to steamroll in Seattle!

I've already secured a table for next year, and Anina will be making her long-awaited return appearance in Seattle for the expanded three-day show in 2011.

See you there!

Paul & Anina at the San Diego con '04 Paul & Anina at the San Diego con '05
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Paul at the Seattle Con '04
Paul at the Seattle Con '05
paul at the Seattle Con '06