Above: how cool is it to meet your idol in person? Below: almost as cool as meeting the official costume worn by Lynda Carter on the Wonder Woman TV series.

Above: Andy Helfer loses a bet with Anina and prepares to eat his shoe.

Anina & Paul at the
JULY 2004

We had a great time at the annual event. This year is the fifteenth anniversary of our HEARTBREAKERS series, and not one, but TWO companies are interested in publishing our upcoming graphic novel. Paul's Wonder Woman pinup, published in Back Issue magazine, was a smash with fans and pros alike. Anina was courted by a couple of publishers to join them as a managing editor.
We gorged on fancy fare at Panevino and Cafe Sevilla. Here's a gallery of snapshots.

Above: "Yaahh! Calling Sky Captain!"
Below: full metal jackets--ouch!

Above: Anina & Amanda Conner sittin' in a tree...

Below: Heidi MacDonald, Trish Mulvihill, and Anina "spooning" at Cafe Sevilla.

Left: Paul and Matt Hollingsworth at the end of Saturday night--and still conscious!


Above: an obligatory picture of half-naked fantasy chicks. Gee, who knew they have body stockings in Pellucidar?

Right: robot.


Paul & Anina at the 2005 con
Paul & Anina at the 2006 con
Paul & Anina at the 2008 con
Paul & Anina at the 2009 con