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Your Boilerplate project really speaks to me as I'm big on robots, but also on retro stuff. I have always been a fan of tin robot toys (sadly I don't own any) and other flashback-future items. I remember hearing about Boilerplate a while back in a magazine or something. I didn't think it was real (it is real and not just a wives tale, right?). What was he/she/it? I imagine it could have been an articulated automaton. Yesterday I was in San Diego for a mini vacation and I visited the Star of India and looked very carefully for a picture of Boilerplate, but didn't see anything there. Have you ever read by "The Difference Engine" William Gibson and Bruce Sterling? Or "The Diamond Age" by Neal Stephenson? I think you might be interested in them. They don't really anything to do with robots or anything, but both are set in the Victorian age and are vividly drawn out through the story. I'm curious if Matt Groening's "Bender" from Futurama was in anyway inspired by Boilerplate. You seem like an educated bloke, so I'm sure you've seen Fritz Lang's Metropolis, and you seem to like Star Trek. Remember the original series episode about the two warring planets that use a computer to fight their "battles" to keep innocent people from needlessly being killed. So instead they just walk into the death machine when they are picked? That reminds me of the idea behind Boilerplate's reason for existence.
Kevin "Hollywood" Denney
I noticed your link to my 1871 US Korea Campaign site and the story about Lily Campion. I would be interested in your sources about her marriage to Hugh McKee, as the only thing I have is that he was engaged to a lady at the time of his death (the lady was the widow of a general and quite a 'wanderer' and gold digger; she reportedly left Hugh for a foreign diplomat). Her name escapes me right now, but I'm sure it wasn't Lily.
Thomas Duvernay
Your site is fascinating - really enjoyed it!
The only thing I couldn't find on the site was how and what Boilplate acutally did? Was it able to walk independently - was that how it was used in the supply missions and how was that achieved - gears etc? Thanx so much in advance if you might have time to answer the above even briefly - the story of Boilerplate is amazing!
Awesome - I put a link on our homepage ( & announcement to discussion group -they're incredible!
Cliff Thompson
San Francisco Robotics Society of America
Robots are special:
- to my knowledge, the chinese did not invent them
- Leonardo da Vinci did not invent them
Michel Bodiansky, Paris
This can't be real? I came across your web site and was amazed. So I went to the links you provided, but I could find no mention of boilerplate (the fair, the boat, etc.) and every refernece on the internet led back to your site. I went to look up the books and authors in the bibliography, and again nothing. I give up. I would love to know more, but I need to find something matching from an independant, unconnected source to verify the reality,
John R. Cotter
what a spectacularly wonder website...
i spent way too much time there...
boilerplate is so cool...
and who knew the star of india (here in my hometown of san diego) played
such a significant part in its history...
Are you serious about these robots that were used in wars? Or is this is just for humour? I never heard of robots for past wars. Thanks.
this can't be serious
I'm searching 4 first appearences of 'mechanical body's/entities'. I was wondering if boilerplate is not fictional?
Dagomar Paulides
Hi I ran across this website while researching advances in military technology. Im a very gullible person that wants to know the truth about BOILERPLATE is it a joke because I've never read or heard about anything like this in history...
This is obviously  fictitious photographs and stories of an Automaton that never existed, because there are so much that are obviously going against such an ambidextrious anthropomorphic creation. Not to mention for its time, Imagine Charles Babbage was so far ahead of his time with the creation of the difference engine and analytical engines that he would need electricity to run, which was unheard of at the time, or wait almost two hundred years to have it completed in 1991-1992, when scientist completed the "computer", hence the title the father of computers.
[Sent at 9:47 a.m.] The black and white photos of boilerplate dont look real to me. I cant figure out if the website is to promote the model replica of him, or if in fact the photos are real. Its hard to imagine the technology back in that time was advanced enough to not only make a working robot, but a fighting one at that. Please shed some light on the matter.
[Sent at 3:11 p.m.] The first biped walking robots are very new. Its hard for me to believe that (1) the photos of boilerplate are real and (2) that anything written about him is true. Please advise.
Aside from the fact that most of this site was completely unbeleivable, added to it's semi-proffesionally photo-shop edited pictures, The fact about robots serving in 19th century wars made me laugh.
The site was quit humorous, and I'm assuming it is intended to be so.  The technology did not exist at the time to creat such a functioning device, much less one that had the capability to fight in combat or carve a channel through a solid ice pack... I really expect that if i visited any of these sites, and consulted any official from NASA I would find this to be false...  But since I am concluding that this is just meant as sci-fi, it would be a waste of time.
Dear creator of website,
It was an awful waste of space. There were no gingers on it and the pictures weren’t interesting at all. It was about the history of robots but wasn’t eye catching or interesting at all. It is an old website and is out of date. It is really weird and has some very strange links to it. It has no relevance to robots and I have no idea why it is on the same website as the history of robots. Some of the strange links are voodoo/Barbie dolls and others are very disturbing pictures. I am very confused about this website and I don’t think the guy who made it should be around people. It was very inappropiate and I am disgusted by it.
Anna Pickering
Boilerplate is a HOOT !!! This is not my first exposure to Boilerplate about a year ago I stumbled accross a robot site that had a picture of him in full formal attire at a 50's film debut with none other than Marilyn Monroe ! I wonder if he ever met Elvis ?
Darryl Dupuis
I love Boilerplate and would love to see the pic's letter mentions about Marilyn Monroe and Boilerplate together. If you still have it or a link to it please send.
Boilerplate forever!
I loved your site. You had me going for a while. I know there were many attempts in history to make a mechanical man, and I thought this was another one I hadn't heard of. The story kept getting more and more elaborate and far fetched. Well done!
Jeff Johnson (Jeffbots)
I just found your website purely by accident and want to tell you how brilliant I think it is. You almost had me for a minute there, and have obviously put a hell of a lot of work into Boilerplate, if only he (it?) was real. It really lifted my day (although it is actually the middle of the night here in England!), and the photo's of Boilerplate's adventures are inspired.
Julian Fletcher
Wonderful website. Sure to trip up many an unsuspecting undergrad writing a paper on the history of robotics!
Dennis G. Jerz, Ph.D.
I didn't see where you mentioned that your "Boilerplate" farce is just that, a farce and fictional construct.  You're running the risk of seriously confusing many people...well, many gullible ill-thinking people anyways.
Chris S.
so, here i am as a computer teacher and we are doing a report..."the first robot"
try explaining the purpose of a hoax site to a box of squirrels.  Boilerplate is so well's more than they can reason. Half the class thought it was that robot from star wars.
Got my work cut out for me tomorrow!  Happy happy joy joy?
Richard Zanikos
I sent a link to a freind of mine who went to a public library just to look at the site, he laughed so loud they asked him to leave!
You've got a slick site.
Rodger Turner
Ha! This is VERY cool, Paul!
Can't wait for the movie!!!!!
Mike Carlin VP, DC Comics
hello! wonderful stuff! my own preoccupation is airships...thats what drew me to your page....just simply have enjoyed what i have seen immensely.......
Darrell Campbell
One of the coolest things I have ever seen on the Internet
Outstanding site, please keep up the great work!
Kyle Mizokami
I just wanted to say your website is cool. I especially dig the section on Boilerplate and all the technological wonders of the 19th century. Very convincing presentation--for awhile I thought I was reading actual research rather than
fiction (you did make it all up, right?)
Neal Skorpen
I really enjoyed your site, you've got an extraordinary imagination!
Lawrence Northey
I just wanted to write and say; Great Victorian robot site! Lot's of great info and pictures I haven't seen anywear else. The Boilerplate robots are great----you should make a lifesize one! :)
...the lifesize robots offered by Neiman Marcus...are individual sculptures by Clayton Baily. Three of the four are now in the collection of Mark Parker (one of, if not thee top robot collector)
I agree that Mark Parker is THE robot collector!
It is an honor to me that he has a Boilerplate figurine in his museum.

The most exhaustive letter sent to the Boilerplate site concerns the accuracy of information on the World War One page. Read the informed comments from Alejandro Sergio Marí.
The most frequently asked question about Boilerplate is whether or not it actually existed. The magazine U.S. News and World Report investigated the matter and wrote an article settling the issue.
Boilerplate has been mentioned in a variety of newspapers.
The New York Times, The Oregonian, the Willamette Week, and The Portland Mercury.
John Bell created a 28mm Boilerplate to "guest star" in his colonial wargaming senario known as
The US Mogdonazian colonization plan.
Here is a photo sent in by James Radcliff of Portland, Oregon.
These are construction workers in 1930s New York. Since Boilerplate dissapeared in World War One, this image must be a forgery, probably executed with a computer program called Photoshop.

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