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June 2012
Even more traveling: We spent three weeks in Salt Lake City (which is cooler than you might think): a two-week residency at The Leonardo museum, followed by workshops at the Utah Arts Festival. Our Boilerplate/Frank Reade museum show runs through August.

We started rehearsals for Portland's beloved Trek in the Park. This year's episode is Journey to Babel, and we're playing SPOCK'S PARENTS!

May 2012
Our Boilerplate/Frank Reade museum show opened at The Leonardo in Salt Lake City, and we were there.

No rest for the weary: We attended Spokane Comicon May 19, Clockwork Alchemy May 25-28, and Free Comic Book Day on May 5 at Night Flight Comics.

April 2012
Our convention schedule was fast and furious! We attended Norwescon, C2E2, and Stumptown Comics Fest. Anina helped plan fundraisers for Stumptown and volunteered at Taste of the Nation. Paul had a Frank Reade art show at Powell's Books, where we also did a reading. Tired now. So tired.

March 2012
We presented a Boilerplate exhibit at a futurist conference at Arizona State University and did a live reading at the Bagdad Theater in Portland. We also attended WonderCon and Emerald City Comicon.

February 2012
Our eagerly awaited new book, Frank Reade: Adventures in the Age of Invention, was released!
It was featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The Oregonian, Boing Boing, Wired, and lots of other places. We did many interviews, podcasts, and radio shows.

To celebrate, we took a three-week "Land, Sea, and Air" book tour around Portland, complete with steampunks, a pirate fight, and singing superheroes.

January 2012
We spent most of this month prepping for the pell-mell activity surrounding our February book launch and subsequent travels.

December 2011
The latest interview with us is at The Feature Desk.

We love War Horse, the PLAY - not the movie!

November 2011
We attended the Portland Comic Book Show and OryCon with a sneak peek of our new FRANK READE book!

The Boilerplate movie marches on!

October 2011
Our HALLOWEEN on HAWTHORNE event was crazy awesome.

September 2011
Paul went to his niece's Apache wedding—here are the pics.

We were guests of Kumoricon.

The Boilerplate ETSY shop is online.

August 2011
We were the guests on the BROADCAST television talk show "Outlook Portland."
Our work is in a exhibit called "Comics at the Crossroads" at the Boise Art Museum.

July 2011
We were Special Guests of Comic-Con in San Diego!
We were also co-hosts at the Eisner Awards.
See the con's official bios of Paul & Anina.

June 2011
Paul has become obsessed with his brother Sean's unique musical project CANDY TOWN,
creating this
tribute page.

May 2011
Paul returned to Chicago to visit and lecture at his alma mater Near North Montessori. Former grad makes good.

April 2011
We attended Wondercon in San Francisco, the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, and the science fiction convention Norwescon 34 in Seattle. Are we attending enough shows?

March 2011
We attended the awesome Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition in Santa Clara, CA.

Boilerplate artwork is featured in the Short Circuit Robot Show at the Benjamin Benjamin Gallery (and prominently on their website's home page) all this month.

February 2011
We have officially turned in the manuscript and 400 images for the Frank Reade book. Woot! Time to take a nap, like, for a WEEK!

January 2011
Boilerplate covered 25 years with the robot, its inventor Archie, and Archie's sister Lily. Frank Reade covers nearly 80 years, with more than a half-dozen Reade family members and colleagues. We needed more time to do this book, so the deadline has been pushed back a month.

December 2010
In the final stages of Frank Reade. Argh, deadlines!

November 2010
The pictures from the 15th(!) Annual Halloween on Hawthorne have been posted.

October 2010
Paul and Anina attended Steamcon II. Pictures will be posted after we finish the Frank Reade book.

September 2010
In the throes of working on the Frank Reade book. Check out the progress on the Frank Reade Facebook page.

August 2010
The Hollywood Reporter broke a story about Boilerplate being acquired by Paramount for J.J. Abrams to make into a film.
The rest of the world wide web went nuts. Just Google it.

JULY 2010
We attended Comic-Con International in San Diego. Pictures will be posted soon....

June 2010
IT'S OFFICIAL! The Frank Reade book deal is signed and sealed. Now we have to deliver! It'll be the same coffee-table format as the Boilerplate book--a companion piece, and scheduled for fall 2011 release.

May 2010
Paul has closed his Diorama Depot. He's too busy with the Frank Reade book.

April 2010

Paul and Anina exhibited at the STUMPTOWN COMICS FEST.
We went to some pre-show events and always enjoy the Art Battle!

March 2010
Paul steamrolled in Seattle at the Emerald City Comic Con.

Boilerplate is the mascot for Lincoln High School's robotics team! Check out a recent match.

Check out this actual Boilerplate fan's submission: a BP sighting from 1944

February 2010
The Boilerplate website is restructured. The home page is split into three pages: a landing page, an intro page, and a Boilerplate Unveiled page.

January 2010
A Best Films of the Decade list is at the bottom of Paul's movie genre page.

Paul begins research for a follow-up book to Boilerplate.

December 2009
A major Boilerplate gallery show is in the Pearl Room at Powell's.

November 2009
A Boilerplate art exhibit is on display at Hatfield Hall on Main and Broadway--smack in the middle of downtown Portland.

October 2009
We survived our 14th annual HALLOWEEN PARTY.

Paul was Artist Guest of Honor at STEAMCON

Paul and Anina gave a Boilerplate book reading at Powell's Books.

Here are photos from the book release party.

September 2009
Paul posted his BOILERPLATE trailer on YouTube!

July 2009
We attended the International Comic-Con in San Diego, and have the photos to prove it.

June 2009
Paul has produced a new edition of Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate, with new color schemes, graphics, and an official sticker reminding folks it was nominated by the Eisners for a Best Painter award.

May 2009
Paul was a guest at the 3rd Annual Spokane Comicon.

Paul lectured at a Portland Northwest College of Art class on Digital Storytelling--about Boilerplate.

April 2009
Paul and Periscope Studios went on an unusual field trip to shoot guns!

March 2009
Paul went to San Francisco for the month, and attended Wondercon with Anina.
They got to tour SKYWAKLER RANCH!

February 2009
Boilerplate was featured in the Portland Tribune.

January 2009
We're celebrating the HEARTBREAKERS 20th Anniversary--yow!

December 2008
The Boilerplate book has been officially turned in to our publisher, Abrams Books.
We take a nap now...

November 2008

We're in the last stages of the Boilerplate coffee table book.

October 2008
Paul went to a Stars concert and came home with a Boilerplate bag of swag.

Our 13th annual Halloween on Hawthorne was a tremedous success!

September 2008
Boilerplate is a pop music mascot! The robot can be found on the cover of the latest Star album Sad Robot. A way cool animated Boilerplate schematic can be found on the band's website. Here's a typical news item with a collage of Boilerplate images.

Paul's jazz musician painting is now on permenant display at the famed McMenamins brew-pub/theatre/resort complex The Kennedy School.

August 2008
We attended the ginormous San Diego Comic-Con.

Paul recently saw the second season of the tv series Jericho,
and was so blown away that he created a tribute page to the show.

July 2008
Paul is working on a 4' x 5' painting for the Kennedy School brew pub/theatre/hotel complex.

June 2008
During the First Thursday gallery gala, Paul displayed a one-man exhibition of works in a variety of media--from paintings on canvas, to traditional photography, to ink drawings.

A truly unique event, held at the Sequential Art Gallery, with rarely viewed original art and previously unseen work!

May 2008
Paul made his annual pilgrimage, with Matthew Clark, to Seattle's Emerald City Comic-Con. Here's pics from previous years at the show.

Paul is working on some paintings (pigment on canvas--old school!) for an upcomming solo gallery show.

April 2008
Last month was declared COMIC BOOK MONTH by Portland's mayor, and we got busy!
Paul was at DRAWPOCALYPSE, participated in THREE gallery exhibits and went to the OPERA. Anina was on the scene at a CBLDF charity event, the Stumptown Comics Fest, and the Stumptown Trophy Awards, and ART BATTLE!

March 2008
Paul is participating in THREE gallery exhibits this month!
Pages from Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate are at the ArtBar; covers from Too Much Coffee Man magazine are at Backspace; and a very rare glimpse of work that was done for the Phantom's 80th anniversary graphic novel are at the 2nd Annual Comic and Illustration show in City Hall. Neat hat trick!

February 2008
Boilerplate is a factoid on a kids' menu for the Itallian restaurant chain Fazoli's.

January 2008
Anina and Paul stayed at an Italian villa.

December 2007
A new Boilerplate figurine is nearly finished. View the progress of the build!

Paul has begun the graphic novel adaptation of the Too Much Coffee Man opera.

Paul has contributed to the famed Gettis' collection of comic book artists interpreting their favorite literary figures.

November 2007
Recovered from our 12th annual HALLOWEEN ON HAWTHORNE celebration?
You might not have survived Carol's Party Mountain Mountain Party!

October 2007
A new Lynda Carter print was made by Paul for Wonder Woman Day.

Paul has begun the process of building a fifth Boilerplate figurine for a prominent collector.

September 2007
Paul went out into the woods with his dog and shot guns.

Paul was commisioned to create a poster for the new Iron Man movie.

August 2007
A pinup of Tintin was produced for the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con program book.

Paul's Periscope Studio colleague Colleen Coover was married on Saturday the 25th.

July 2007
Snapshots of Anina and Paul at the PERISCOPE STUDIO housewarming party.

Excerpts from our upcoming Boilerplate coffee-table book are available for download onto your mobile phone or PDA from MacMobile. This is a new, global service from Macmillan. Downloads are available worldwide.

June 2007
Some of Paul's work, along with work by fellow comic-book artists, is on display at Floating World Comics all this month. If you're in or near Portland, check out this rare opportunity to see Paul's original art.

May 2007
The Boilerplate book had been delayed, but it WILL be published. Check out the Boilerplate News & Notes section for details.

April 2007
Boilerplate continues its tour of the world wide web. The robot's latest appearance is on this JAPANESE BLOG. Posted there are EXCLUSIVE preview images of Boilerplate in Japan.

March 2007
A color illo of Boilerplate during the 1896 presidential campaign, and a color photo of Boilerplate in Paris are the latest preview images for the upcoming book.

February 2007
An illo of BP touring the 1893 Expo has been posted toward the bottom of the main page, and an illo of BP an its inventor, headed toward the South Pole, has been added to the Antarctica page.
Here's a Warhol print of Boilerplate, 1967.

January 2007
Even more:
Boilerplate and Jack Johnson.
Boilerplate sighting, 1909.
Stereophoto of BP in San Francisco, 1906.

December 2006
A couple more images from the upcoming book:
Photo of BP at the Essanay movie studio.
Boilerplate and Houdini, 1916.

November 2006
Preview images from the upcoming Boilerplate book:
Poster of Boilerplate in the 1897 Sudan Campaign.
Poster of Boilerplate charging up San Juan Hill, 1898.
Photo of Boilerplate with Lawrence of Arabia, 1917.

October 2006
Anina and Paul had a WILD WEEKEND which included the Stumptown Comics Fest, Halloween on Hawthorne, Wonder Woman Day, and TV stardom! >WHEW<

Paul was part of a group show at PUSHDOT GALLERY.

A Photo of BP with the U.S. 10th Cavalry added to the Pancho Villa page.
A Photo of Boi
lerplate advancing with troops added to the WWI page.
A Photo of Boilerplate in Trafalgar Square added to the WWI page.
Posters of Boilerplate's adventures in Alaska.

September 2006
We're working at full steam on the BOILERPLATE coffee table book for Collectors Press.
Here's some sample images:
Colorized photos of Boilerplate during the Philippine War of 1899.
Cover images from Boilerplate Weekly Magazine, circa 1900.
Painting of Boilerplate during the Boxer Rebellion, 1900.

August 2006
Anina presented a workshop on writing for comic books at the Willamette Writers Conference.
Here are some of her writing samples.

PHANTOM graphic novel is in comic book stores now!

July 2006
We had a fine time at Comic-Con International. Our HEARTBREAKERS MEET BOILERPLATE graphic novel was nominated for an EISNER AWARD in the Best Painter category, and we were invited to present awards during the ceremony.
The massive convention was covered by our hometown newspaper, which
mentioned us--but not because of the Eisners, just 'cause we're players!

June 2006
As proprietor of the 1/6 Diorama Depot, Paul attended the DRAGON HOBBY EXPO.

May 2006
Paul can't get over his awesome ALASKAN ADVENTURE!
Here's some shots of a Yup'ik Eskimo village.
More pictures and text will posted in the coming months.

April 2006
It's official, we have signed a book deal with Collectors Press for a BOILERPLATE coffee table book!

March 2006
Paul is on an epic trip to Alaska. For weeks now he has visited many Eskimo villiages in the Lower Yukon. Pictures will be posted when he returns next month.

Mercury Studios traveled to Seattle to attend the 2006 Emerald City Comic Convention.

February 2006
Anina has a rant for you to read.

January 2006
Paul has begun work on a PHANTOM graphic novel, just in time for The Ghost Who Walks' 70th anniversary!

December 2005
Paul is working on a comic book called "Digging For The Truth" for the History Channel...stay tuned.

November 2005
Boilerplate and its inventor, Professor Archibald Campion, play parts in Chris Elliott's new novel "Shroud of the Thwacker." As a result of this, Boilerplate went through yet another round of media attention. Articles have been written about the robot in THE NEW YORK TIMES, Publishers Weekly, The Oregonian, and Germany's preeminent news magazine Der Spiegel.

October 2005
Thanks to all our fans and freinds, as well as the great folks of the Stumptown Comics Fest. We had a fab time at the show on October 1. See you there next year!

Paul, David, and Matthew were invited as honored guests to Seattle for a comic book show.

We hope you didn't miss out on our 10th ANNUAL HALLOWEEN ON HAWTHORNE. Whatta bash!

September 2005
It's getting favorible reviews in national and local publications, as well as blogs.
Here's the latest newspaper review of Heartbreakers Meet Boilerplate,
and here's a newspaper interview.

August 2005
Anina has posted some writing samples for your perusal. They include a primer on writing for comics, a 5-page script for a Mickey Mouse comic book, a 3-page script about Las Vegas for the graphic novel anthology Big Book of Bad, an article about Wonder Woman, a translation of genetic engineering concepts into plain English, a marketing brochure, and an article Anina wrote about parenting (even though she doesn’t have kids).

July 2005
Anina and Paul attended the 2005 Comic-Con International in San Diego, July 14-17. Paul provided a pinup of Krypto for the convention's program book.
Mercury Studios had a booth at the big show.

June 2005
Anina and Paul embark on an epic jouney to EUROPE! Their visit to the capital cities of Paris, London, and Rome, will be documented on this site at a later date. Stay tuned...

May 2005
Very rare Jules Verne-like images from the Frank Reade Weekly Magazine, circa 1900, have been lovingly restored and retouched by Paul. They are availible for purchase in the newly created Frank Reade Gift Shop.

April 2005
Paul has completed the art and Anina has finished the script, lettering, design, etc., for Heartbreakers meet Boilerplate. The book has been "put to bed"!

February 2005
Mercury Studios travelled to Seattle to atttend the 2005 Emerald City Comic Convention. Members of the studio also had a gallery exhibition of their work.

January 2005
Paul created the cover image for a January issue of Willamette Week.

DC editor Bob Schreck wined and dined Anina, Paul, and Mercury Studios when he visited from New York.

December 2004
Paul and David Hahn are working on a new series entitled "MP: IRAQ"

When not busy with other projects, Paul is working on the last quarter of the HEARTBREAKERS meet BOILERPLATE graphic novel.

November 2004
Our annual Halloween party was a blast!
Here are photos from this year's extravaganza.

October 2004
Just in time for Halloween, it's Nazi Zombies!
A scary addition to the 1/6 Diorama Depot.

DC Comics bigwig Dan Didio took Mercury Studios
(with its newest member) out for a fancy feast.

September 2004
Paul recently completed the cover illustration for issue #21 of Too Much Coffee Man, and a pinup of Magnus, Robot Fighter.

August 2004
Anina taught a workshop in comic book writing at the 35th annual Willamette Writers conference! She’s DJed the conference party, in her secret identity as Chicago Red.

Mercury Studio members had a gallery exhibition of their artwork.

July 2004
We attended the 2004 San Diego Comic-Con July 22-25.
Paul contributed a ZOMBIE PINUP to the convention’s program book.

June 2004
Anina and Paul went square-rig sailing!

Paul's latest artwork is a pinup of the Swastika Girls, villains in the Wildstorm comic book series Tom Strong. He is also at the HALFWAY mark with the Heartbreakers meet Boilerplate graphic novel.

May 2004
Paul has added storyboard samples to his portfolio.
All-new product has been added to Kriegmauer.

Of course Paul would be a fan of STEAMBOY, what with his love of Victorian era robots and airships.

April 2004
Paul’s dad, painter Robert Guinan, recently turned 70. Here’s a tribute page featuring a newspaper article about him that was published on his birthday.

Karl Kesel cooked a delicious dinner for Mercury Studios.

March 2004
Mercury Studios visited Seattle for a group appearance at the Emerald city Comic Con.

Paul's latest comics-related artwork is an illustration of WONDER WOMAN for Back Issue magazine. Anina is contributed a short article to the same issue.

February 2004
This year marks the FIFTEENTH anniversary of Heartbreakers! To celebrate, we’ve started on a new Heartbreakers graphic novel. It’ll be one long story, all by yours truly, and will feature Boilerplate in a prominent role. Paul is hard at work on the art, using his exciting new digital techniques--check out a preliminary sample and let us know what you think!

January 2004
The visitors to this site keep pouring in, sometimes as many as 30,000 per day! We still refuse to put up ads. The two or three banner ads you may catch a glimpse of in this 160+ page site are uncompensated personal recommendations.

Paul created the box artwork for a line of Native American action figures.

An article on Boilerplate appeared in the Christian Science Monitor (1/16/04).

Boilerplate continues to be the topic of much discussion, including this 133-comment thread from

The Battle of Trafalgar is the most famous naval conflict in maritime history. Get up to speed on this teriffic tale of sea combat in the great age of sail.

December 2003
Boilerplate is the cover feature for the latest issue (#54) of Real Robots magazine. This is the United Kingdom's preeminent robotics publication, with offices in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Paul has completed the cover illustration
for issue #19 of Too Much Coffee Man magazine.

October 2003
Mercury Studios move to new digs--swanky!

KRIEGMAUER and KASSERINEWAGENS are now part of the newly revamped 1/6th DIORAMA DEPOT.

Here is a tribute to the first black action hero in a Hollywood film.

September 2003
Tribute pages to some of Paul's shows from his childhood, the seventies TV series SEARCH and the sixties TV series RAT PATROL, are part of an all-new TV favorites section.

August 2003
AUSWEIS BITTE! is now open for business. I.D., papers, booklets, and personal effects, for your 1/6-scale German soldier. Designed for high-end collectors of figures by Dragon, Bluebox, Gearbox, Ultimate Soldier, Drastic Plastic, and Elite Brigade.

July 2003
Are you ready for MOTORGIRL?!

Anina and Paul are going to San Diego's Comic-Con International. Paul did a pinup for the program book. He will be in Artists' Alley along with fellow members of Mercury Studios. Anina has secret meetings.

June 2003
Paul created cover illustrations for the current issue and previous issues of Too Much Coffee Man magazine.

He also photographed the band Majong playing at the Voodoo Lounge in Astoria.

May 2003
The Comic Book Depot now offers Axis publications in addition to our existing Allied publications line.

March 2003
We support our troops--BRING THEM HOME!
Read Paul's position statement, and facts about the U.S. and Iraq.

February 2003
Announcing the opening of THE COMIC BOOK DEPOT. 1/6-scale reproductions of comic books from World War Two, for collectors of high-end military figures, hobbyists, and diorama enthusiasts.


January 2003
This year marks the fifth anniverasary of this web site! We’re getting a thousand unique visitors EVERY DAY! Yow!

Frank Reade's maiden voyage aboard the Clipper of the Clouds is featured as part of the AIRSHIP gallery.

November 2002
In the Nov. 7-13 issue of the Portland Mercury, John Dooley wrote a three-page feature article about Paul and Boilerplate.

Paul was a guest on Clyde Lewis' nationally known talk radio program GROUND ZERO (11/24/02). For three hours they discussed Boilerplate and 19th-century robots.

We're recuperating from our 7th annual
HALLOWEEN ON HAWTHORNE. Check out photos from previous parties too.

September 2002
Nick Obourne of Willamette Week wrote an article about Boilerplate. It appears in the Sept. 25 issue.

Paul is currently working on production designs for Stan Lee's upcoming animated TV series STRIPPERELLA.

All-new pages about Frank Reade, his fantastic family, and their steam men may now be perused by the public. The Reade airship page has also been updated.

Are those naked ladies with that robot?

Finally! the photos from last year's Halloween on Hawthorne are posted!

August 2002
Tom Hayden of U.S. News & World Report wrote an article featuring Boilerplate. It appears in the latest issue (week of Aug.26-Sept.2).

Paul and Anina attended a Mescalero Apache coming-of-age ceremony for Paul's niece, Melanie "Little Cloud" Bell.

Brand-new pages about the Reade family of inventors/explorers, their Steam Men, and their other inventions have been posted.

Drew Johnson joins Mercury Studios. With Matthew Clark’s and Pete Woods’ new pencilling assignments, Mercury Studios is now home to the official regular pencillers of SUPERMAN, BATMAN, and WONDER WOMAN.
We are poised to take over the known universe.

July 2002
Brand-new pages about Boilerplate's Antarctic expedition aboard the sailing ship Euterpe have been posted.

Paul completed the cover illustration for the upcoming issue (15) of Too Much Coffee Man magazine.

He also finally posted paintings of Superman and Green Lantern (who ain’t got nothin’ on me) completed last year!

June 2002
Did you know that Anina was a punk rocker, complete with MOHAWK?!

May 2002
Anina has been spinning discs lately as DJ CHICAGO RED. Go, girl!

Paul has joined with fellow DC Comics artists to form MERCURY STUDIOS.

April 2002
Paul has been working for Adidas lately. Here is a sample illustration.

As co-creator of the DC monthly comic book Chronos, Paul has posted a Semi-Official Chronos Soundtrack. Listen to these tunes while you read the book!

Superman and Green Lantern images have been added to Paul's Painting section.

As part of the Victorian Robots site's comprehensive overview of turn-of-the-century robots, both real and imagined, a page has been devoted to THE ROBOTS OF OZ.

March 2002
The Boilerplate pages are currently ranked #1 at's "Top 5 Web Sites." And the International Association of Webmasters and Designers has bestowed this site with a "Golden Web Award." Thanks!

A tribute page to Stanley Kubrick's film Barry Lyndon has been added to the movies section.

February 2002
Here is a page about the laboratory where Boilerplate was built.

January 2002
We now have an all-new VICTORIAN ROBOTS section! It contains unique images and information not seen anywhere else on the whole world wide web!

December 2001
Here is a rare convention sketch of Boilerplate, for that "Cliff Guy."

November 2001
Here are samples of the many cartoons Paul has been drawing recently for a series of English handbooks published by McGraw-Hill.

Paul has created an all-new PORTFOLIO MENU PAGE, and has posted his massive movie lists in an all-new FAVORITE FILMS section.

October 2001
Our annual Halloween party is coming up in a few weeks!
Paul created a painting of the Bride of Frankenstien to get into the spirit of things. Here is a new Halloween menu page, and the invitation for this year's shindig.

Pictures have been posted from last year's Halloween 2000 extravaganza. The largest turnout in the five years we've been throwing these parties meant a TRIPLE-SIZED section to showcase the photos!

September 2001
We've finally posted a links page!

A new portfolio page of digitally painted images includes an all-new portrait of the Haunted Tank.

August 2001
The Boilerplate section has been completly revamped. It now contains an all-new "Boilerplate as Soldier" menu page with graphics and links to pages about Boilerplate and Pancho Villa, Boilerplate during the Japanese-Russian War, and the story about Boilerplate's mysterious disappearance during World War I.

Here is a page about Louis Perew's Automatic Man.

July 2001
Paul's new obsession is inventor Frank Reade. Here is a page about his airships and his Electric Man.

A self-portrait of Paul as the JOKER.

April 2001
From MARCH 22 to APRIL 19, 2001, assorted Boilerplate items and ephemera were in a GALLERY EXHIBITION! Displayed were posters, pictures, the articulated maquette, and original pages from the graphic novel. Here are some photos.

February 2001
Paul takes over from Anina as the webmaster.

January 2001
Are you familiar with Paul's life story? Did you know that he used to be a TV star? Tune into the FRIDAY CLUB.

Here's Paul's version of BATGIRL.

A silent movie poster has been added to the Boilerplate archives.

December 2000
The Heartbreakers Action Dollhouse and a Heartbreakers art gallery are now OPEN!

Paul recently produced web icons for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Due to repeated requests, here is an explanation of why the Boilerplate graphic novel will not be published.

November 2000
The DC Comics character CHRONOS now has a home here. We even have a page about CHRONOPOLIS.

A biography of Boilerplate's inventor has been posted.

October 2000
Paul's newest artworks are a publicity photo and poster of Daria O'Neil.

He also created the cover for the very first issue of Too Much Coffee Man magazine (issue #0). And howzabout that Chicago Red?

A handmade maquette of Boilerplate is now available for sale.

June 2000
Announcing the launch of the BOILERPLATE web site!


November 1999
The Tenth Anniversary Superdigest is on comics racks around the world!
Here is a look at the book.

Febuary 1999
Our dog Sisko has his own web site, with pages on life with Sisko, why we love dogs, doggie haiku, and more. We're nuts.

Oh yeah, we also have pages about us humans, our home life and work life.

September 1998
The Heartbreakers web site is on the air!
Check out the Superdigest and order merchandise.

1998. BIG RED HAIR begins to coalesce from a newsletter into a web site...